her life

Rydel Mary Lynch born August 9th, 1993 to Mark and Stormie Lynch. She is currently in the band R5 and the only girl in her siblings and the band. 

Early lifeEdit

She was the second child to Mark and Stormie Lynch and the only girl in the family. She is a combo with beauty, sass, and tomboy.( which makes her awesome! ) Rydel started playing the keyboard and piano when  Riker said he wanted to become an actor. Riker is the oldest, then her, next is Rocky, then Ross, and Ryland.

The bandEdit

They Started the band when Rocky taught them how to guitar after he taught himself how to. They all knew how to sing, and play instruments, but they were missing something, a drummer! So they went to a dance studio and met Ellington a drummer and asked him to be in the band as the drummer. They quickly nicknamed him as Ratliff to continue the R's in the band and wha-la, R5 was created.:) There new single Loud was a song and a EP and was released in 2012 and made music video.


  • She LOVES the color Pink!
  • She plays keyboard for the band
  • Haven't have her first kiss yet
  • She is 5'8
  • She is often said to look like Britney Spears. That's awesome!
  • She was named after a school
  • She makes tutus and buys them