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Page dedicated to the one and only Rydel Lynch! Pictures, Facts and videos about Rydel too! :D She is a character all of her own. She inspires many and is very important person in alot of lives. Being an only girl in a band with 4 boys, any other girl probably wouldn't be able to do it, but Rydel is loving it! she is the most loving girl especially with 4 boys! she named her phone sparkles! LOL! she loves sundae ice cream, she LOVES pink! in the band R5 (as if you didnt know that) she also loves to draw and LOVES  tutus! :) she likes to wear a lot of jewlery like sparkly braclets and necklaces! she never takes off her R5 pick necklace! wouldnt it be cool if Rydel had her own clothing line? we all like her clothes right? so go on twitter, facebook, instagram and hashtag rydellynchclothingline and tag her 10 times!!! it may happen!!

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